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Modalities: Acupuncture/Essential Oils/Herbs/Tui Na/Massage/Dreamwork/Energy Work/Hypnosis/Mental Imagery/Meditation

Pain, stress, and anxiety shouldn’t be a part of your everyday life. Using the Ancient Chinese Technique Of Acupuncture to Soothe Your Body. Maintain Your Well-Being. We work with Acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy. We believe in giving patients the time, attention, and long-term results they should expect from a professional licensed acupuncturist.

Marc J. Gian
Licensed Acupuncturist & Licensed Massage Therapist

Marc J. Gian LAc, LMT is a medical intuitive healer with over fifteen years of experience in the holistic health field. As a natural empath, he perceives quickly, directly and compassionately where a person is in pain physically and emotionally.


“It’s a blessing to have Marc as my go-to practitioner and coach/partner in my journey toward health and balance. He has a big heart, extensive knowledge and respect of essential oils, and a love and grace-centered philosophy. Give him a call.” – L. Hauser, nyc

What we do:
Chinese herbs
Essential Oils
Tui Na
Energy Work
Mental Imagery

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Marc is no nonsense and “cuts to the chase” with a profound intuition that gets to the core of what ails… I am grateful for the physical and emotional healing that has taken place under his care.” L. Lee