Marc J. Gian

Licensed Acupuncturist & Licensed Massage Therapist


Marc is no nonsense and “cuts to the chase” with a profound intuition that gets to the core of what ails… I am grateful for the physical and emotional healing that has taken place under his care.” L. Lee


All About Me

Marc J. Gian LAc, LMT is a medical intuitive healer with over fifteen years of experience in the holistic health field. As a natural empath, he perceives quickly, directly and compassionately where a person is in pain physically and emotionally.

Experiencing an intuitive awakening at an early age, Marc has spent the majority of his life seeking out superior teachers to help guide his development. He is committed to living by the principles he teaches. The backbone of Marc’s practice is Mind-Body integration techniques from a middle eastern lineage. Accordingly he has spent many years studying with teachers in this tradition honing his work with dream symbolism (Dreamwork) and guided imagery. These easy to perform methods can bring about spontaneous healing on a deep level as they address the root cause directly and empower you to change.

Marc guides his clients to decipher the unique symbolism in their life experiences, helping them recognize and achieve life goals, better health, and a fulfilled spirit.

Using holistic healing techniques and his natural intuitive gift, Marcs goal is to empower you in discovering and unlocking the your innate healing potential..

Marc received his Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) where he continues to teach and act as a clinical supervisor. He developed the schools therapeutic essential oils class, and teaches several popular class series including essential oils, Tui Na and Mind-Body techniques outside of PCOM. Marc maintains a private practice in New York City and travels for teaching and speaking events to spread his message of self empowerment.