Essential Oils

Essential oils are the most potent distillation of medicinal plants can be thought of as the literal soul of the plant. Essential oils are quickly assimilated through inhalation and easily absorbed through the skin, having a wide array of effects on the mind and body. In use for thousands of years as a treatment for mental and emotional problems and alleviation of physical symptoms, they are a particularly beneficial when you are empowering yourself to transform beliefs that are no longer serving you.
It is known that essential oils quickly effect the limbic system, an area of the brain responsible for emotional regulation, motivation, longterm memory, and learning. Interconnected with the brain’s pleasure center, it plays a role in feelings of arousal, desire, and the euphoric high from a drug or reward.
Various religious texts define essential oils as a therapeutic practice which bypasses the body and treats the soul directly. Most every culture has sacred transformation rituals involving anointing with oils. Indeed essential oils are a sensitive medium to deliver healing intentions to our higher selves.
For these reasons, essential oils have a prominent place in healing when working on breaking habits, relieving emotional blockages, and in harnessing the motivation to make changes.
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