Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss

There is no magic bullet for weight loss although the power to make the necessary changes is within us all. By banishing connection to limiting beliefs, we can engage our Will and go the distance.



Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Many People want to achieve the goal of losing weight and many have been battling for sometime. It is proven that while most people can lose weight it comes back after sometime. After recent results of a client achieving Weight Loss Goals with my Hypnosis technique, I have decided to make this a major focal point for my practice. A significant factor, in weight gain after a program is a result of not addressing many core underlying issues. Marc’s Technique will address central issues that will help you achieve and maintain your Healthy Weight for good.

What does a Typical Session Include?

– Tailored Session Specifically for your goals
– Complete Intake of Health History and Weight Loss Goals
– Marc will explain what Hypnosis is in a clear and comfortable manner
– Greater Inspiration to Make Healthier Life Choices
– Increases Motivation for Exercise
– Inspiration to make choices that you know are beneficial for you
– Learn to Simply Curb Overeating
– Stop Emotional Eating
– Gain Confidence
– New Positive Thought Patterns
– Creation of a New Life

The client will receive an audio of the session for Daily Reinforcement

$400 *fee includes a Reinforcement Session usually 3 weeks after initial consult






What People Are Saying

- Fai Chan (Clinical Aromatherapist, CMAIA)

After attending Marc’s webinars on essential oils, I found that he was inspiring. Undoubtedly, he is a talented teacher. His passion for his work arouses my curiosity toward aromatherapy. After taking his class, I was able to develop my busin...

- Donna Ma, L. AC

The opportunity to work with Marc aligned just as I was beginning to think about ways to more actively grow my practice. In the first two calls, and in the key questions that Marc had me consider in preparation for the first call, it became clear ...

Ann Tamminen, L. Ac, California

Marc’s webinar introducing the use of essential oils in traditional Chinese medicine was extremely worthwhile. I have taken other courses in this area that have also been very useful, but I found that the way Marc organized the material ...

Julie Dalbec, L.Ac, Massachusetts

Marc was an a amazing instructor! As an acupuncturist-herbalist who has some experience working with essential oils, his classes took my clinical knowledge to a whole new level. I am now able to include the TCM spiritual aspects with the physical ...

Amye Clark, Reflexologist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Maryland

Marc Gian is a gifted teacher and his knowledge of essential oils is clearly his passion. He has a unique ability to explain a complex philosophical system, which is the 5 element theory based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to a ...

Joanna Haerle, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), RH(AHG)

I have studied and successfully incorporated essential oils in my practice over the last 10 years. Marc’s classes by far have given me the most in-depth understanding of essential oils from a TCM perspective and will take my practice to ...

Lynn Bamberg, DOM New Mexico

Marc Gian’s webinar on using Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils with Acupuncture was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to compliment my Acupuncture practice by using essential oils. Marc’s course was very organized and ...

Mark Kuebel, L.Ac. BA, MS.

For a grounded, practical approach to the use of essential oils in acupuncture, massage or other modalities, Marc’s classes are unparalleled. This is a no-nonsense class that gives one a well-rounded but uncomplicated introduction to the...

Fai Chan, Certified Aromatherapist

Marc’s webinars are full of wittiness, knowledge, and inspirations. He is a very caring teacher. He has the talent of making complicated things understandable in a simple way. I do not have any TCM background, but I am able to develop the market...

Sandie Owen Kelly, L. Ac,

Marc Gian, I can not say enough about this teacher, mentor, practitioner and friend. If you have the opportunity to take any of the classes/webinars he offers, DO NOT HESITATE, enroll today! I promise you will not be disappointed. Marc has an amaz...