Stop Smoking Now

It is a strange thing to say that not everyone will be able to quit smoking, but you can.

In this age we understand fully all of the reasons to stop smoking, yet not all of us will follow through. Even some that have a strong desire to quit smoking will not. Others will put the cigarettes down and walk away forever.

What creates the difference in the outcomes of these two groups?

First, look at the positive aspects of smoking. Every habit or behavior has positive aspects that serve us even if we think the behavior is “bad.” Smoking provides relaxation, distraction, inclusion into social situations, bonding, and more. It is a habit that differentiates children from adults, and often it is the first “adult” act of children trying out their authority.

The lungs work as the pacemaker of the body. The rhythm of inhalation and exhalation massages the diaphragm, which in turn massages the liver. The movement of the liver stimulates the intestines, increasing metabolism.  The pace of respiration can help to create a relaxed state or it can hinder it.

The lungs, liver, and intestines are three primary avenues for the processing and expulsion of waste from the body. Problems with these organs or their function can also signal a problem in accepting, processing, or letting go of demands of daily life or limiting beliefs.

By engaging in the habit of smoking, we enter into a complex social construct and use this outside tool as part of the way we manage and process the outside world. To quit smoking is to rely on ourselves, which for most is an unnerving prospect.

Those that are successful in quitting smoking are not afraid to access their Will, the unlimited well of follow through we all possess. Guided Imagery and Hypnosis are a simple way to access the fortitude needed to act on your desires. This practice gives you comfort in finding and harnessing your own strength to take control of your own life choices.

Marc J Gian, makes quitting for good simple with the support of mental imagery, hypnosis and easy to follow nutrition advice all which are proven to assist in stopping smoking. YOU CAN DO IT!