Mental Imagery & Dreamwork

Dreamwork is a modality of Mind-Body Therapy that provides a way to discover our personal truths regarding all aspects of our life.  Night dreams represent the non-linear language that mirror waking life through images, symbols, and quantities.  Dreams depict our personal, cultural and religious beliefs, emotional and physical challenges, relationships to ourselves, others and the environment and gives advice and answers to the present situations in waking life (although it is up to us in our waking life to follow through on those decisions.) It is easier to make a decision following a dream because we have touched the non-linear, non-judgmental aspect of ourselves. In this way night dreams act as a catalyst for changing our waking life.

When we commit to working with our dreams, we proceed to embrace the totality of our being. In our dreams we see what was, what is, and the possibility of our future.

Images and events in our night dreams like events from our waking life will have physiological and psychological effects. At times the effects are to our liking, at times not. When the images of our night dreams are in conflict to our liking then we can initiate change by enacting the muscle of will and transform the images from one of conflict to ones that leads us to freedom, changing our physiology and what the future may bring.

We are all in the process of becoming and when we choose to use the muscles of will and intention to work with and change the images in our night dreams we use our best teacher, the aspect of ourselves that knows everything about ourselves whose invisible function comes in the visible non-linear form of images, symbols and quantities. Working with dreams allows us an opportunity to transcend the limits of our belief and live courageously in truth, freedom and love.