Patient Testimonials

This is what people say about my services!

Mark Sagato

I don't know where I'd be today without all of Marc's help. I've been a patient of his for about 7 years now and am so grateful for having met him. No matter what problems I've had over the years, I have always left his office feeling better. There has even been several instances when western doctors haven't been able to offer me any help, but Marc always has an answer. His truly holistic approach treats problems on a physically and emotionally level. I have been to other acupuncturists before, but none with Marc's experience and compassion.

Rafael Ramirez

I have found in Marc a level of care and integration with his patients, that is rarely found in health care practitioners of any medical or holistic background. His empathy not only allows him to connect to  his patients, but also guides him in understanding the matter at hand, and how to approach it. His level of ethics and integrity strongly reflects in the results of his work, both as a practitioner and as a teacher. Not only he treats you effectively, but also guides you in continuing taking care of yourself.

As a healer myself, I find Marc’s integration of modalities supported by his ethics, integrity and  intuition truly inspirational.

Dawn Leuzzi

Marc’s healing touch, words and overall spirit have truly aided in my transformation over the past year. He has opened me up to loving myself, given me space to accept and embrace my emotions, taught me to use my dreams to heal, and so many other positive changes I can’t put into words! He is a wonderful person full of amazing energy, knowledge and truth, and I am incredibly grateful for his presence in my life.

Sandra Reyes, LMT, NYC

Find your true self! – “At 51, chronic pain, palpitations and depression were my life’s hallmarks. Fortunately, the gifted hands and heart of Marc have bought me from a place of total despair to rejuvenation. His healing artistry of listening, therapeutic touch, essential oils and acupuncture have unearthed a vital being in me. I thank God everyday that my path led me to Marc”.

Biet Simkin, Meditation Teacher, NYC

If you like feeling present and clear! See Marc Gian! – I have never experienced anything like what i felt after Marc worked on me. It is easily likened to being one of the most pleasant and rich sensations my body has known... it was felt in body, soul and mind. Honestly, I think anyone who is lucky enough to have this man touch them is one of the luckiest people on earth. As the daughter of an energy healer I was spoiled as a child with actual healing energy… I have seen many people in between my childhood and now, and Marc is the first person I have ever met whose energy is comparable to the work i experienced in my formative years. He is touched.

Chava Quist, L. Ac, LMT

Hatzlachah! – As someone who has been both a student and a private client of Marc Gian, I cannot recommend his services enough. This is for anyone who is serious about ditching the tired narrative of dis-ease and limitations and learning a new language of wholeness and possibility.

Marc has the unique ability to meet people where they are and empower them. .

Madame Héléne Kovacs (76 years old;France

Marc Gian's MJG Acupuncture and Massage – Marc is blessed with exceptional skills and sensing abilities. He stands out from the many practitioners I met on my path. I do not have a bigger blessing to give than recommending him to everyone!


A true expert in integrative wellness – Marc's approach to healing goes beyond the complaint, beyond the illness, to treat underlying physical and deeper causes. His knowledge of the healing arts is unsurpassed. I've been to him for four different problems and have had immediate positive results each time. As both a teacher and as a clinician, Marc has the highest sense of integrity that leaves others with a profound sense of trust and well-being. I highly recommend Marc to anyone.

S. Kohn

Marc Gian is truly exceptional – He puts his heart into his work and it translates into amazing results.

W. Cassalina, L. Ac, LMT

MJG Acupuncture and Massage – My first intention was to see Marc on just one occasion; however, after that one treatment I was so impressed with the results that I have been a steady patient for almost a year at this writing. Interestingly, since I have been receiving regular treatments, I noticed I have not caught a cold.

Marek, Brooklyn

Best massage – I can’t begin to count the number of massages I’ve had in past 16+ years, but, and without a doubt Marc Gian is on top of my list. Not only that he is amazing massage therapist he’s very personal, detail oriented. In a years he became my THE ONLY therapist at times even my coach in life.

He is amazing bodywork specialist, and expert in identifying weak links that need correction.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has an intricate knowledge of how to take care of the body

Harold Mindel, NYC

Fantastic Bodywork with Essential Oils – Marc's understanding of the body, mind and soul is the key to his work. His intuitive nature is evident from the get go. He is able to know what the body needs in order to free muscles from unwanted stress and tension. Marc has amazing hands and he is able to release the body of negative energies. I have used Marc for about a year now on a weekly basis. His bodywork with essential oils is an important and integrative part of caring for my body and keeping healthy from dis-ease. Marc's knowledge of dreamwork, nutrition and acupuncture have also played a role in my holistic healthcare. I would recommend Marc for anyone who is seeking a top notch professional.

Shareen Wilson, NYC

I was in an Essentials oils class taught by Marc Gian, as he was explaining the benefits of the oils I immediately knew I was suppose to be treated by him.
As a novice practitioner of holistic medicine I thought I knew what to expect from his treatment of me and I’m so glad I was wrong.
Marc is the epitome of a holistic practitioner he has cultivated the ability to intuitively listen to me and treat me the way I needed. I came to Marc as an energetically scattered mess, and before I even left the table I felt more grounded in truth as Marc helped guide me to it. I continue to follow Marc’s “homework” and find myself continuing to heal on this journey. I expressed to Marc at the end of our treatment that he sees truth and I continue to stand by this belief.

Patricia Botet, L. Ac, NYC

Marc is an amazing teacher and guide

Lora Lee, Acupuncture Student, NYC

I’ve been a patient and student of Marc Gian’s for over 3 years. To describe his treatments as transformative barely scrapes the surface.
He has compelled me to reflect on my relationships with my family and my partner;  he has guided me through improved relationships w/my mother.
Marc is no nonsense and “cuts to the chase” with a profound intuition that gets to the core of what ails… I am grateful for the physical and emotional healing that has taken place under his care.