Essential Oil PDA Webinars Testimonials

Ann Tamminen, L. Ac, California

Marc’s webinar introducing the use of essential oils in traditional Chinese medicine was extremely worthwhile. I have taken other courses in this area that have also been very useful, but I found that the way Marc organized the material has been very helpful to me in discerning what oils to use under various circumstances. I particularly appreciated his emphasis on using the oils to assist people in their emotional and spiritual development, again using the principles of Chinese medicine. His presentation was clear, organized, and thoughtful. I would highly recommend taking this course for anyone interested in learning about using essential oils in a professional and responsible manner.

Julie Dalbec, L.Ac, Massachusetts

Marc was an a amazing instructor! As an acupuncturist-herbalist who has some experience working with essential oils, his classes took my clinical knowledge to a whole new level. I am now able to include the TCM spiritual aspects with the physical attributes my clients present, truly treating them holistically and within the theoretical construct of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Marc was able to tie the different levels of our bodies to the individual oils using detailed lectures and beautiful illustrations. This class is highly recommended if you are considering using essential oils in your practice and want to do so safely and appropriately.

Amye Clark, Reflexologist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Maryland

Marc Gian is a gifted teacher and his knowledge of essential oils is clearly his passion. He has a unique ability to explain a complex philosophical system, which is the 5 element theory based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to a clear and easy understanding. Marc’s teaching is a marriage of both essential oils and 5 element theory that gives students a deep appreciation to healing and its layers. Though his audience may be versed in acupuncture, it is not necessary to have studied acupuncture to understand the magnificence of how the essential oils can be used by healers on all levels.

Joanna Haerle, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), RH(AHG)

I have studied and successfully incorporated essential oils in my practice over the last 10 years. Marc’s classes by far have given me the most in-depth understanding of essential oils from a TCM perspective and will take my practice to another level. Marc is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. I recommend that anyone wanting to enhance your practice by working with essential oils should take Marc’s classes…excellent teacher!

Lynn Bamberg, DOM New Mexico

Marc Gian’s webinar on using Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils with Acupuncture was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to compliment my Acupuncture practice by using essential oils. Marc’s course was very organized and interesting.  He has an abundant amount of knowledge on essential oils.  I looked forward to the webinars each week.  I would highly suggest this course even if you don’t practice acupuncture.

Mark Kuebel, L.Ac. BA, MS.

For a grounded, practical approach to the use of essential oils in acupuncture, massage or other modalities, Marc’s classes are unparalleled. This is a no-nonsense class that gives one a well-rounded but uncomplicated introduction to the clinical use of oils. I dabbled in oils for a few years, not really having a framework to practice from, and I acquired that framework from Marc’s classes. He allows plenty of room to learn more by providing a firm foundation, as well as his insights as a seasoned practitioner with multiple modalities under his belt. Essential oil therapy has ramped up the results I get in my practice by 30% at least. Patients LOVE the oils and really feel and understand the benefits right away. Oils are a great way to build your skills and get better results without having to rely on the complexity of herbology.

Fai Chan, Certified Aromatherapist

Marc’s webinars are full of wittiness, knowledge, and inspirations. He is a very caring teacher. He has the talent of making complicated things understandable in a simple way. I do not have any TCM background, but I am able to develop the market niche of acupuncturists after attending his classes. I can even speak their language. I highly recommend anyone with or without any related background to attend his class, as what he says is like gems for the eager learner to discover.

He supports his students fully by helping them to establish their strongholds, and provides the best help he can to answer their questions even after the classes. He teaches without limits, inspires with his passion, and relates things in a meaningful and practical context.

Sandie Owen Kelly, L. Ac,

Marc Gian, I can not say enough about this teacher, mentor, practitioner and friend. If you have the opportunity to take any of the classes/webinars he offers, DO NOT HESITATE, enroll today! I promise you will not be disappointed. Marc has an amazing, ethereal ability to describe the nuance, the essence, the body, mind and spirit of each of us as they relate to the nuances, functions and energetics of the oils. His methods are seamless, deep and inspirational. The information is presented in coherent, easy to understand TCM context and you leave his class feeling confident and capable of bringing the healing powers of Essential Oils to your clients.

Thank you from my heart Marc.