Essential Oils and How They Change your Mood & Body

Aromatherapy the use of essential oils to support healing of physical illness and promote emotionalregulation. Essential oils are the most potent extract from medicinal plants. These botanical oil extracts can be inhaled or diluted to be applied to the skin on various pressure points. As the literal ‘soul’ of the plant,essential oils can touch us very deeply, acting on the limbic system of the brain an area responsible for emotions and impulse control. Research shows certain essential oils used in aromatherapy help relax the body, relieve mental stress, and promote good sleep.

Essential oils have been used as a mild sedative to reduce anxiety and calm mental stress by promoting a state of relaxation. Inhaling the fragrance of the essentials oils is one of the best ways to heal stress,depression, and anxiety. Most essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties and some are beneficial for skin conditions, enhancing the immune system, alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms, and even are used as cleaning agents for your home.

Below are six important essential oils-Frankincense Essential Oil- relaxes the diaphragm, encourages deep breathing, heals physical and psychic wounds Roman Chamomile – , calming, beneficial for PMS, relaxes solar plexus Eucalyptus radiata – activates the immune system, decongestant Lemon – lifts the mood, sharpens the mind, improves alertness Lavender – balances the nervous system, can aid in insomnia, heals burns and can benefit mood swings.

Rosemary – increases energy, pain relief, improves memory If you are looking for an experienced aromatherapy practitioner in NYC hen contact Marc J. Gian, a licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist with 15 years in clinical practice, today!