A Mystics Life


An intense journey through the Dark Night of the Soul and understanding your life’s path through the obstacles along the way.



The experience of our own “Darkness” is a precious means to embody more “Light,” (Love, Compassion, Understanding, Wisdom, etc.). This class will examine the concept of “Out of Darkness comes Light” through select teachings of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, King David, Story of Job, Rebbe Nachman and the poetry of Colette Aboulker-Muskat.

All of these remarkable people had 3 virtues in common. The first and foremost is Faith in the invisible and the premise that all experiences can bring us closer to union with G-D. Secondly, they all had perseverance, to live in times of solitude and in adversity, knowing that this is the time to seek out their own depths and begin a greater opening of the concealed light. Thirdly, they all had the endurance to feel completely into the physical and mystical human experience revealing qualities of their true nature. Among qualities revealed are, Wisdom, Deep Intuition (Knowing), A Sense of Peace, and most importantly a deeper, more loving connection to themselves and the Creator that is ready to be expressed towards others. We all have likely been called into our “Dark Night.” However, many people do not have the perception or fear the realization that this is the invitation from above to seek deeply within and move closer to “Light.” Therefore, during this time, people often resort to addictions and escapism (television, overeating, drugs, excess exercise, poor environmental choices and other destructive behavior). Eventually, these habits lead to more anxiety, depression, resentment, anger, guilt, insomnia and physical pain. It is impossible to run away from yourself…the body is always expressing and experiencing the spirit within.

The experience of the “Dark Night” is integral for all people that want to do true healing work. It is simple to earn a degree in any of the healing arts. However, in order to graduate, the amount of inner work is questionable. It is through the passages of our own soul and the intimate connection with the creator that is the natural power behind healing work.

First voice
Root of Impulses
Lack of Faith as a main cause of all illnesses A Prayer of St. TeresaSelect Psalms of King DavidThe Value of evil/sin/mistakes is to bring you closer to G-DThe correct way to look at our errors (sins)Good Inclinations (Yetzar tove) and Bad Inclinations (Yetzer hara)There is only one Child of G-DThe Depths of Darkness/Evil is equal to the Strength of Light/LoveTemptation is a BlessingThe “Devil” is your “Best friend” There is no one else besides HIM