Working with Night Dreams


Understanding night dreams and their personal messages.



An exploration into the inner world of night dreams to discover their meaning and develop the ability to work with them in waking life. This class will explore night dreams and their union with waking life. The focus will be on wisdom dreams: dreams that look at who we are without judgment. Wisdom dreams reveal the past, present and possibilities of the future. You will experience how working with dreams creates a blueprint for the days ahead.

This class is open to all that are interested in working with dreams and also serves as a foundation class in Mind-Body Medicine.


– Principles of Mind-Body Medicine
– Night Dreams and Waking Life as Realities with Equal Meaning
– Discover that Night Dreams are Your Best Teacher
– Images as an Embodiment of Qualities within Ourselves
– Colors & Numbers
– Recurring Dreams
– Working with Personal Will to Align with Higher Will
– Techniques for Remembering Night Dreams
– Use the Power of Imagery to Clear Physical & Emotional Obstacles